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Wellbeing Life Coach for Women

Coaching for women who want to ditch the overwhelm



Are you always 'switched on' and feeling over-loaded?


Life's daily pressures and competing priorities means it can be a struggle to juggle everything. However, things can be different, and what seems like a never-ending cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion can be broken. Through 1:1 coaching, I support busy professionals to create calm, find balance, and thrive at work and at home.


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Hi, I'm Ruth.

My coaching programs enable busy people to get organised and create calm, so they can be productive at work without compromising at home. 

I understand what it's like to balance multiple priorities and feel stretched in all directions. As a 'juggler' myself, I know first-hand the challenges of finding 'balance' and I work hard to maintain my own balance, often adapting my strategies and implementing new ideas, so I can feel fulfilled across all aspects of life.  


As a qualified coach and wellbeing expert, I will support you to create calm, find balance, and overcome any obstacles stopping you from thriving at work and home. I will share my knowledge with you and offer tried and tested tools/techniques so that you can find your balance.

Working with me is easy. Follow the steps below:

1.    Book a call

2.    Start working together

3.    Create calm. Find balance. Thrive.


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"Ruth’s supportive coaching style helped me clarify my goals, recognise the obstacles I put in my way, and identify strategies to overcome the obstacles. This has had a positive impact on all areas of my life. If you feel a bit (or a lot) stuck, I highly recommend contacting Ruth."


Work With Me

I offer two coaching programs, helping you to go from create calm and achieve balance in life. These programs are designed to help you combat overwhelm and cope with all that life throws your way. 

Select a program below to learn more...

Create Calm is a 1:1 coaching program that will help you to combat overwhelm, create balance, and find a state of calm.


This in-depth program is structured around 3 key areas, helping you to:​​

  • Create space to breathe and enjoy life

  • Get organised and create time for yourself & your loved ones

  • Manage all that life throws at you


This program is for you if you are feeling overwhelmed, out of balance, and tired of the never-ending 'to-do list'.

Thriving Through Transition is a personalised 1:1 coaching program that will enable you thrive during a time of change. This program is for:

  • Expats dealing with change

  • Parents returning to work 

  • Individuals experience a workplace change

  • Anyone wanting support during a period of change.


This program will enable you to manage emotions, build confidence, boost wellbeing, and manage stress. 

Thriving Through 

Create Calm

"I can already feel and see a difference in my life as I have started to implement small changes to work towards my bigger goals. I feel calmer and more relaxed as I have prioritised making time for myself. Thank you so much Ruth! You have been amazing."


Let's Chat...

With a passion for people and wellbeing, I support individuals to optimise their wellbeing and to live healthy and happier lives.


I work with individuals privately and through their workplaces, so whether you would like to hear more about this from a personal perspective, or you would like to boost the wellbeing of your employees, reach out....

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