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What people are saying...

"I started coaching with Ruth a few months ago. She has been so kind and patient throughout this journey and I always look forward to our sessions. I can already feel and see a difference in my life as I have started to implement small changes to work towards my bigger goals. I feel calmer and more relaxed as I have prioritised making time for myself. Thank you so much Ruth! You have been amazing."



"Ruth lives up to her name - literally (ruth: compassion)! Her active listening and meaningful suggestions does have an impact - slowly, steadily, but surely. She helps you identify the underlying issues on your own in a gentle yet persuasive manner on your own without being intrusive or probing. Her suggested tools are quite appropriate and is a big help. Much appreciated, Ruth!"



"Working with Ruth has been great, Ruth is empathetic, a great listener and provides excellent resources to improve life, alongside ways of thinking to identify areas. My well-being has improved massively. I think Ruth is particularly good at identifying wellbeing areas that are going well but then finding ways to optimize them. I came into the sessions with a sense that things were going well, but could be better. Ruth not only helped me identify areas of improvement but also how to make changes to areas that I did not know could be improved. Thank you, Ruth!"



“Working with Ruth helped me to clarify goals and make steady progress toward them.  I can see real results in my life and happiness since being coached by her.  Thank you, Ruth!”



What organisations are saying...

"Ruth has provided fantastic wellbeing coaching to staff at University of London, but also to our Volunteer Student Resident Advisers. Ruth is calm and supportive and has provided a professional and tailored approach to every colleague based on their individual needs. I would highly recommend Ruth if you are considering wellbeing coaching, whether that be for yourself, or as part of a wider offer for staff to access in the workplace"

Rachael | Organisational Staff Development Coordinator

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