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Let's Work Together

As a qualified and experienced coach, I will guide and support you to manage stress, combat overwhelm, and manage the daily juggle of life. I offer two programs, which will enable you to create positive long-lasting habits.

The below programs are designed to support you across a series of sessions, but I also offer ad-hoc sessions if preferred. I offer coaching face to face and online, so we can work together wherever you are in the world!

Schedule a call today to find out more.

CB program
Create Calm
Coaching Program

What you can expect:

  • 6 or 12 x 1:1 coaching sessions

  • In-depth workbook covering key topics

  • Practical tools & resources

  • Weekly emails/texts

  • Accountability tools

  • Pre-program goal setting resource & discussion

  • Personal handbook 

  • Wellbeing toolkit


Across 3 months I will help you to create a plan so you can prioritise self-care, get organised at work and at home, and reduce stress. We will delve into what a calm and balanced life means for you, and we will look in-depth at the aspects of your life where you would like more fulfilment. This program gives you the tools needed to create space to breathe and enjoy life. 

Pricing varies depending on your requirements. Book a call to discuss. 

Meditating on hillside

"I found Ruth to be very informative in helping me find balance in my life. I throughly enjoyed doing the 3 month course and learned a lot about myself in that time. I highly recommend Ruth for life coaching and would have no hesitation in recommending her."


EE Program
Beautiful Landscape
Thriving through Transition

My transition coaching program is for you if you are going through a period of change in your life and you would like some additional support to help you to gain clarity on your decisions, manage your emotions, build confidence, and tackle overwhelm.


What you can expect:

  • 1:1 coaching (number of sessions is dependent on your requirements)

  • Practical tools & resources

  • Weekly emails/texts

  • Personal handbook 

  • Wellbeing toolkit


Across our time together I will provide you with extra support during your period of transition, whether that be as a new parent returning to work after parental leave, as an expat feeling a little lost in a new country, or if you are going through a workplace change. This is a personalised program, and I can support you no matter what your transition looks like. Keep your wellbeing on track and flourish during times of change! 

Pricing & timeframe varies depending on your requirements. Book a call to discuss. 

"Working with Ruth helped me to clarify goals and make steady progress toward them.  I can see real results in my life and happiness since being coached by her."


Working with me is easy. Follow the steps below:

1.    Book a call

2.    Start working together

3.    Create balance and space to breathe!

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