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Live Well, Work Well, Be Well

Wellbeing Coaching for women who want to ditch the overwhelm

You already hold the wisdom within, I'm here to help you find clarity to live a calm, connected & confident life. 

Hi, I'm Ruth Collins



I support overwhelmed women to make sense of situations & experiences, shed the mental load, challenge traditional gender roles & find flow with competing priorities to feel calm, connected & confident.


Life is rarely without its challenges. But I want you to know, you already hold the wisdom within to dive deeper & work through all the sticky moments. I’m here to guide you. To help you challenge the norms, free yourself from limiting beliefs, overcome feelings of imposter syndrome, push boundaries & release the pressure so you can enjoy living the life you have consciously curated for yourself.


"Going back to “normal” work activities after being immersed in COVID was a struggle. I was frustrated, unmotivated, & just didn’t feel good. I knew I needed to shift gears, but I didn’t know how. Ruth’s supportive coaching style helped me clarify my goals, recognise the obstacles I put in my way, & identify strategies to overcome the obstacles.


The work I have done with Ruth has improved my self-awareness & given me a fresh look at what is important to me. This has had a positive impact on all areas of my life. If you feel a bit (or a lot) stuck, I highly recommend contacting Ruth."


Start Your Wellbeing Journey

Calm - Connected - Confident

Designed for women who are feeling overwhelmed, tired of the constant juggle, lacking in confidence & who are seeking support to find their balance & feel calm, connected & confident.

Thriving Through Transition

Designed for women who are feeling the pressure of a specific area of change. You might be returning to work after parental leave, be an expat living in a new country or be feeling uncertain about your career.


Designed for women as an introduction to coaching. Think of it as a brainstorming session if you’re ready to live a more fulfilled life but you’re not sure where to start.

“Ruth lives up to her name - literally (Ruth: compassion)! Her active listening & meaningful suggestions have an impact - slowly, steadily, but surely. Ruth helps you identify underlying issues on your own in a gentle, yet persuasive, manner without being intrusive or probing. Her suggested tools are quite appropriate & are a big help."


Gain a deeper understanding of yourself

If I could give one TED talk, it would be this…


Wellbeing life coaching isn’t just for leaders, or women who are struggling.


Coaching is a heart-centered investment in your future. Yes, it will help you become unstuck. But it will also help you step forward into growth & flourish. To gain a deeper understanding of yourself, release areas of your life that are no longer serving you, find the courage to explore new ways of being, prioritse time for self & build your confidence - no matter the stage of life you’re at.


Wellbeing life coaching is a positive & confidential space to explore your vision & possibilities so you can live well, work well & be well.

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