Achieve work-life balance through Coaching

Are you always 'switched on' with a never ending to-do list? Do you wish you could live a more balanced life where you feel healthy and confident? 


Life's daily pressures and competing priorities means it can be a struggle to juggle everything. However, things can be different, and what seems like a never-ending cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion can be broken. Whether you are a busy professional, business owner, or are looking to support the wellbeing of your employees, I am here to help you put effective strategies in place to manage stress and create balance. 


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Hi, I'm Ruth.

I understand what it's like to juggle multiple priorities and feel stretched in all directions and how challenging that can be. However, I have learnt that self-care, and effective time and stress management are at the heart of balance. 


As a qualified coach and wellbeing expert, I will support you to manage stress, achieve balance in your own life and overcome any obstacles you might face along the way. I will share my knowledge with you and offer tried and tested tools/techniques so that you can reach your goals.


Throughout our valuable time together, I will be your guide and will offer you a calm and safe space, so that you can develop positive habits and ensure long lasting change.

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Individual Coaching

I offer two coaching programs, helping you to achieve balance and build confidence along the way. Select a program below to learn more...

Create Balance is a personalised 1:1 coaching program that will help you to manage stress, find focus, and achieve the work-life balance you desire. 

I will support you to explore your vision of balance and create a clear plan of action so that you can reach your goals and overcome any obstacles getting in your way! 


Choose from a single session, or a 3-month program.

Back to Work is a personalised 1:1 coaching  program that will enable you to have a smooth and successful transition back to work after a period of leave. 


This program will enable you to manage emotions, build confidence, establish a new routine, create positive habits, and tackle overwhelm

Choose from a single session or a 3-month program.



What to consider if you are thinking about resigning


"I can already feel and see a difference in my life as I have started to implement small changes to work towards my bigger goals. I feel calmer and more relaxed as I have prioritised making time for myself. Thank you so much Ruth! You have been amazing."


Workplace Coaching

 As a wellbeing expert with a master's in HR Management and partnerships with organisations in NZ and the UK, I have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your employee's feel supported in the workplace. I offer two 1:1 coaching programs for staff, designed to help them to manage stress and achieve work-life balance. 


Enable your workforce to feel confident and supported, whilst receiving organisational benefits.


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"Ruth is calm and supportive and has provided a professional and tailored approach to every colleague based on their individual needs. I would highly recommend Ruth if you are considering wellbeing coaching, whether that be for yourself, or as part of a wider offer for staff to access in the workplace"

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With a passion for people and wellbeing, I support individuals to optimise their wellbeing and to live healthy and happier lives. I strive to have a positive impact on everyone I work with and personalise my programs for each individual. 

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