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Hi, I'm Ruth Collins



I support overwhelmed women to make sense of situations & experiences, shed the mental load, challenge traditional gender roles & find flow with competing priorities to feel calm, connected & confident at work & at home.

Life is rarely without its challenges. But I want you to know, you already hold the wisdom within to dive deeper & work through all the sticky moments.

I know, right now,  it might not feel like it, but you can be successful in your career, content living your life & achieve the goals you set for yourself. You can put yourself first & still be the woman who loves & gives to the people around you.


I’m here to guide you. To support you to make sense of situations & experiences, shed the mental load, challenge traditional gender roles & find flow with competing priorities to feel calm, connected & confident. To help you challenge the norms, free yourself from limiting beliefs, overcome feelings of imposter syndrome, push boundaries & release the pressure so you can enjoy living the life you have consciously curated for yourself.


I know that life comes with pressure & the world around you can feel outside of your control

I understand what it’s like to balance multiple priorities & feel stretched in all directions. As women, this is the place we often find ourselves in - the struggle to juggle is real. We often fall into a cycle where we think overwhelm, guilt & exhaustion are simply a part of daily life.


But I’m grounded in the knowledge that you have the power to choose your attitude, behaviour & actions. You have the ability to gain clarity about what you really want & deepen your self-awareness.


A step forward, no matter the size, is a step in the right direction.


After many years working in HR & coaching spaces, I’ve seen the shifts that can happen when you allow your thoughts to support you, rather than control you & lean into a space where balance, flow & wellbeing exists.

“I started working with Ruth a few months ago. She has been so kind & patient throughout this journey & I always look forward to our coaching sessions. I can already feel & see a difference in my life as I have started to implement small changes to work towards my bigger goals. I feel calmer & more relaxed as I have prioritised making time for myself. Thank you so much Ruth! You have been amazing."


My Role

As a Certified Wellbeing Life Coach I have a compassionate, forward-focused coaching style that embodies all aspects of your wellbeing. From managing stress, combating overwhelm, creating a balanced & fulfilled life, finding connection, building confidence, career planning & establishing boundaries - I’m here to support your journey to wellbeing.

As your wellbeing coach, I’m here to ask questions, motivate, clarify, encourage, challenge, strategise & provide accountability.  I’ll guide you towards living well through understanding the impact of your lifestyle choices & support you to live a more joyful & fulfilled life.



Take control &
book a call

Book your clarity call & let's discuss how we can work together.


Work Together

I'll support you over a series of coaching sessions bespoke to your goals. 


Feel calm, Connected & Confident

Embed your learnings and new habits into your life. Find your flow, feel balanced & enhance your wellbeing.

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