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Create balance through Coaching

Are you always 'switched on' with a never ending to-do list? Do you wish you could live a more balanced life where you feel healthy and confident? 


Life's daily pressures and competing priorities means it can be a struggle to juggle everything. However, things can be different, and what seems like a never-ending cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion can be broken. Whether you are a busy professional, business owner, or are looking to support the wellbeing of your employees, I am here to help you put effective strategies in place to manage stress and create balance. 


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Hi, I'm Ruth.

I understand what it's like to juggle multiple priorities and feel stretched in all directions and how challenging that can be. However, I have learnt that self-care, and effective time and stress management are at the heart of balance. 


As a qualified coach and wellbeing expert, I will support you to manage stress, achieve balance in your own life and overcome any obstacles you might face along the way. I will share my knowledge with you and offer tried and tested tools/techniques so that you can reach your goals.


Throughout our valuable time together, I will be your guide and will offer you a calm and safe space, so that you can develop positive habits and ensure long lasting change.

Working with me is easy. Follow the steps below:

1.    Book a call

2.    Start working together

3.    Manage stress & achieve work-life balance


What to consider if you are thinking about resigning


Work With Me

I offer two coaching programs, helping you to achieve balance and build confidence along the way. These programs are designed to help you to help you to create balance and cope with all that life throws your way.  


These programs are offered privately and through the workplace. So reach out for a chat if you would like to hear more about this from a personal perspective, or you would like to offer support to your employees in this space.

Select a program below to learn more...

Chaos to Calm
in 90 Days

Chaos to Calm is a 1:1 training program that will give you the tools needed to help you to combat overwhelm, create balance, and find a state of calm.

This in-depth program is structured around 3 key areas, to help you to:

  • Create space to breathe and enjoy life

  • Get organised and create time for yourself & your loved ones

  • Find ways to manage all that life throws at you


This program includes 1:1 coaching, an in-depth workbook, your own personal tracker, and a wellbeing toolkit. 

Meditating on hillside
Countryside Road
Thriving through Transition

Thriving Through Transition is a personalised 1:1 coaching program that will enable you thrive during a time of change.


This program is for:

  • Expats dealing with change

  • Parents returning to work 

  • Individuals experiencing workplace change

  • Anyone wanting support during a period of change.


This program will enable you to manage emotions, build confidence, boost wellbeing, and manage stress. 

Ruth’s supportive coaching style helped me clarify my goals, recognise the obstacles I put in my way, and identify strategies to overcome the obstacles. The work I have done with Ruth has improved my self-awareness and given me a fresh look at what is important to me. This has had a positive impact on all areas of my life. If you feel a bit (or a lot) stuck, I highly recommend contacting Ruth.


Let's Chat...

With a passion for people and wellbeing, I support individuals to optimise their wellbeing and to live healthy and happier lives. I strive to have a positive impact on everyone I work with and personalise my programs for each individual. 

Reach out today to discover more about how we can work together....

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